The Rector Writes

Dear Friends

Unwrapping Christmas

Are you a slow unwrapper or a tear-it-off-in-a-second person? You know what I mean! When unwrapping that Christmas present, do you rip the wrapping paper off so that you can get to the gift as quickly as possible, or do you take your time slowly peeling off the sellotape, savouring every second and allowing the anticipation of the discovery to grow and intensify?

When it comes to Christmas I am definitely in favour of the slow opening. Advent, the four weeks leading up to Christmas, is a time when we can slowly re-tell the story, prepare our hearts, make space in our lives and carefully unwrap the true meaning of the story of a God who loves us so much that he became one of us.

Can I suggest that we dont rush towards the festivities and, this Advent, can I encourage you to take some time to slowly unwrap the present that is Jesus, the God man. So that you might discover, perhaps for the first time, the heart of Christmas, of God, in all his love and goodness, come down to this planet.

Mike Gilbert, Rector


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