Sunday 8 December 2019 saw a first at St Anne’s.

In front of a packed church Beth, Evie, Niamh, and Miriam Hartley were baptised by full immersion. After having declared their faith in Jesus Christ and articulated their decision to live their lives following him, they stepped into the baptistery. To the uninitiated this looks a bit like a hot tub, but without the bubbles.

Rev Mike Gilbert and the girls’ mum, Mel, who is training to be ordained, were in the water awaiting them. In age order they each entered into the pool. They were baptised in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. As they came out of the water each had a wide smile on their faces as they were greeted with cheers from friends and family.

A joyous occasion that will hopefully be repeated at St Anne’s in the not too distant future.







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