The wondrous gift is given

“How silently, how silently the wondrous gift is given”.

It’s time for carols again. These words from that lovely carol are some of my favourites. It seems to me that they catch some of the essence of the Christmas message.

I love the fact that God, who could have shouted from the rooftops about the birth of the messiah, allowed his Son to come into this world, that first Christmas, unnoticed by the great, the rich and the powerful.

Silently, silently ... only appreciated by shepherds and his family, the greatest gift ever was given. God became one of us and got involved in all our human hopes and fears, not courted by the influential but loved by those whom others had forgotten.

This Christmas, amongst all the noise of parties, carols, presents, family get-togethers and political broadcasts, it will be easy to forget that it is all about Jesus. He comes in love and grace to all who invite him into their lives. Even if it goes unnoticed by everybody else you will know that God has come to you and entered in to your life and brought his love and joy and peace. Why not try it?

Mike Gilbert, Rector

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