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    Remembering the Reformation

    Dear Friends

    Almost exactly 500 years ago, in October 2017, a monk strode up to a cathedral in a small German town, nailed a notice to the door and changed the world.

    The monk in question was Martin Luther and his 95 theses nailed to the door at Wittgenstein were demands that sparked the Reformation. It had a radical effect on Europe’s social, political and religious life. Things would never be the same. Many of our rights and beliefs that we take for granted have their direct ancestry from this point.

    Luther’s beliefs spread like wildfire throughout Europe, helped by the newly invented printing press. Those beliefs would bring freedom to many people and a new faith in the grace of God.

    At the heart of Luther’s belief was that because of what Jesus did on the cross we can be forgiven and that we don’t need a priest to act as a “go-between” between us and God but we can have direct access to almighty God. It proved to be an intoxicating and revolutionary conviction that prepared the way for democracy and universal human rights.

    500 years later it is still a revolutionary and life changing message. There is a God who, through the death and resurrection of Jesus, his Son, allows us to come to him. Though we are weak and flawed human beings we can, if we want, have a relationship with the living, loving God.

    Now that is worth remembering

    God bless

    Mike Gilbert, Rector



    You are very welcome to join us at St Anne's Church.

    Please refer to the schedule of services or our Calendar for the most up to date information.

    Kitting out for Christ

    KoFC Meetings start at 6.30pm in the Church Rooms.

    Please refer to the Calendar for the date of the next KoFC Meeting.

    See our movie.


    Messy Church

    Messy Church is held at St Anne’s normally on the third Sunday of the month at 9.30am.  It is church for families and friends, involving food, friendship and fun.

    Please refer to the Calendar to see the next time you can come and join in.


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  • The Big Switch On

    Friday 1 December

    The Christmas tree lights will be switched on at 7pm on 1 December, the opening event of the Baslow Winter Festival!

    The event will be a similar format to previous years – the School singing in a short church service, the big switch on, then a BBQ, mulled wine, mince pies and the Cressbrook Brass Band at the Church Rooms. 

    There will be no charge but donations welcome towards the cost of the evening.

    Please contact June Powell (01246 583375) if you can help or provide mince pies.

    Don’t miss it!


    It has been very busy a few months since we sent the last news update. In the UK, we have moved house; it's only four miles away so are still in the same area and two of our own children have started new schools. All that along with two trips to India has made for a complicated but productive last 4 months!

    August 2017
    Sarah and I along with our youngest son Ethan aged 4 then, went to India, leaving Timothy and Isaac for the first time with their grandparents. It was great to meet our new addition to the Home of Hope family (the boy whose mum died at the railway station). He was very pleasant and was always smiling with us. It was a very special moment to meet him. We named him Chris and had a special dedication service for him on the Land. It was very cute as the other children all pronounce his name ‘Kiss’! It gives us enormous joy to see how much Chris came on and the others are doing so well. We do believe God has special plans for these precious children. Thank you so much for your prayers and encouraging messages and being behind us, we really need them to keep us going and to help us be able to continue to help the poor in India.  

    Recently a few of the younger ones ended up with high temperatures, and one child had a febrile convulsion. After some check-ups with the paediatrician and using some medicines they are doing well.  The older ones are enjoying their school. There are always financial needs to keep things up and running– unexpected costs such as medical consultations and medications, and regular costs such as the second terms schools fees being due, new staff salaries, and so on.  

    October 2017

    I and a few others from our church went to India last month. We visited the HoH and then travelled on to the north for a leader’s conference. After the conference I went back to the Home of Hope whilst the others flew back to the UK.

    One of our staff is getting married next month which is exciting for everyone; although it is a happy occasion for her and the beginning of a new season, we will miss her greatly, and especially how much she gave to the children for the last couple of years.  We wish her all the best for her future. We have been able to appoint new staff who are settling in well already.

    We have some exciting times ahead as we plan and develop the work to take things forward, we will update you as often as we can. Please do pray for the work in India.


    Sundar and Sarah


    Church Library

    Lending library for books and magazines in Baslow St Anne’s Church


    Before and after services, and through the week when the church is open. The Library will be clearly marked on your left as you walk into the church.


    For a maximum of 4 weeks. Honesty book for the details of the book, your name and your contact info (in case someone else needs the book you have borrowed)


    Sue Campbell, Church Warden 0797 1713042

    Ann Mason 07791 562283


    St Anne's Church Choir Welcomes New Members

    We welcome new members who might like to join the church choir.  We rehearse once a week at Tuesday teatime from 6.00pm to 6.45pm, and sing for one choral communion each month, as well as the Palm Sunday, Harvest and Christmas Carol Services.  

    If you would like further details, please call our choir leader: Claire De la Haye on 07515 287222 or email: claire.delahaye@hotmail.co


    Robert Stafford

    Every church-yard has its interesting stones. My favourite is the coffin shaped memorial to Robert Stafford, situated to the right of the drive near the Old Vicarage.

    Here lyeth

    The body of Robert

    Stafford who was buried

    here March ye 20th

    Ano 1702 aged 78

    Surgite Mortui

    The Latin "Surgite mortui" means "Arise ye dead". This is the only Latin in the whole churchyard and suggest that Robert was an educated man.  There are also two intricate carvings:  one is a skull and crossbones - reflecting mortality and the transient nature of life on earth, the other is more intricate including a snake and an hourglass with the same message.  Both are well preserved indicating high quality materials and workmanship.

    Parish records show that Robert and his father before him were both born in Baslow and that the family originally came from Darley Dale.  Apparently he had no children: he died at Parkgate.

    I have discovered that he was the sub-accountant at Chatsworth from 1668 to 1689, responsible for managing all income and paying local bills before forwarding any balance to the main accountant at Hardwick. then the main Derbyshire residence of the Cavendish family.  This was a busy time.  William Cavendish became the fourth Earl in 1684 and started a fundamental reorganisation of the gardens at Chatsworth.  Accounts show that he spent £4325 in 1686, a vast sum representing millions today.  Later, mainly after Robert’s time, the house was rebuilt costing up to £2,500 a year for six years.  Accounting was of course a clerk’s job, but even so it was a very responsible one.

    Reading between the lines, Robert Stafford came from a well-to-do Baslow family of the yeoman class.  He was educated, maybe at the Charity School at Stanton Ford, before going on to university at Oxford or Cambridge.  Later he joined the household of the third Earl of Devonshire rising to the trusted post of sub-accountant.  His status is reflected in the memorial in the churchyard

    David Dalrymple-Smith

    St Anne's has no more need of a dog whipper! An article in the Guardian newspaper describes the strange relic of a long redundant rural occupation.



    For a few months we've been meeting on the first Sunday of the month for a time of fellowship, prayer, discussion and praise. We've been doing so under the banner of “Connect” as we seek to connect St Anne’s church with people in and around Baslow, to connect ourselves as a community, and also to connect each one of us with God.

    Meeting at 4.30pm, having a sociable tea and chat, and then moving onto a time of sung worship, using a mixture of contemporary songs with a few classics thrown in, we have a message delivered in a variety of ways by some of the group that have been meeting, including the Rector. We've explored the Trinity, and are now looking at the progression to Christmas.

    For some this has been a welcome addition to their regular worship practice; for others it has been a fresh opportunity for renewal and for some it has been an opportunity to meet for fellowship and worship at an alternative time to the regular St Anne’s services. We've learnt new songs, started new conversations and explored other people's perspectives on passages from the bible.

    If this article has interested you - why not pop along to the church rooms on the first Sunday of the month? Tea and chat at 4.30pm, or if you can't get there that early then please feel free to join us continuing our worship at 5.30pm


    Prayer Chain

    If you would like to join our Prayer Chain, praying for a variety of situations, please contact one of our Churchwardens for further information.


    As you will be aware one of the local charities that we support is the “Church on the Bus” project in Chesterfield and Matlock. The future of this project had been in doubt with the Church Army’s support of a full-time evangelist coming to an end but it was re-launched in January on a new, volunteer-led basis. The new team is now working with other Christian organisations in Chesterfield who already work with the homeless and needy to determine how the various projects can work together and how the “Church on the Bus” project can complement the work of these other groups.

    At the heart of these changes remains the wish to reach out to the homeless and needy in Chesterfield, Matlock and surrounding areas. It is recognised that change can be challenging for those directly affected but with the continued support of the dedicated volunteer force 2017 will be an exciting year.

    St. Anne’s will continue to give support to this project and coffee, tea warm clothes are constantly needed. Please remember those less fortunate than ourselves.

    If you wish to make a cash donation please contact Richard or June Powell (01246 583375)


    Hire the Church Rooms

    Are you looking for a venue for your group or meeting?

    Are you looking to host a function or arrange a children's party?

    If so, look no further!

    The St Anne's Church Rooms, situated within the church grounds, are available for hire at reasonable rates. 

    Church Flowers

    I would welcome hearing from anyone who would like to do a simple arrangement of flowers for the church at any time in the year.

    If you are interested please contact me on 01246 582257.

    Thank you

    Angela Swindells


    Patronage Scheme

    Please help support our church and the heritage of our village.

    St Anne's is an important landmark which has been and will continue to be there for you and your family.


    Church on the Bus

    A local charity which provides for the needy and homeless

    Prayer List

    Would you like us to include someone in our prayers at services on Sundays or in our regular prayer meetings at church?

    Fountain of Life

    A Christian charity based in Baslow working in India. Would you like to help?


    Peak Pilgrimage

    Rambling about Ramblings


    C:\Users\jane\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.Word\Burns Night Piper[8617].jpgBurns' Night Supper

    Saturday 3 February 2018


    Baslow Village Hall

    with traditional food and entertainment (Piper, Speeches, Ceilidh Band)


    Reception: 7.00 for 7.30pm (prompt!)

    Dress: Smart (with a small Scottish addition)

    Bring your own drinks and glasses

    Any profits will be given to St Anne’s Roof Fund

    Tickets: £20 from Jane Dalby 01629 813244

    or Sue Campbell 01246 582512


    The Real Peak Practice

    The photos show a Bel Canto practice in the church coupled with the BBC filming for the Real Peak Practice television programme on the local GPs' activities in the area.