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    St Anne's has no more need of a dog whipper! A recent article in the Guardian newspaper describes the strange relic of a long redundant rural occupation.


    The Great Escape Artist

    Harry Houdini, over ninety years since his last great escape, is still the most iconic of all escape artists. The great showman reached fame in a series of remarkable acts that had him surviving being buried alive, escaping from strait jackets whilst suspended upside down and breaking out of water filled tanks whilst handcuffed, to name but a few.

    His death defying deeds earnt him immense fame, many imitators and a name that is still instantly recognisable a century after his act was performed. However, whilst on stage, in October 1926 he collapsed and was dead within the week. Houdini, like all of the rest of us however hard we try, fell to the one thing ultimately no one can escape from; death.

    And yet there was one who performed the greatest escape act in humanity. They didn’t handcuff him, they nailed him to a cross, to make sure they speared him in the side, having flogged the flesh off his back.   After that they locked in him in a cave with a huge stone blocking the entrance and with guards posted beside it.

    Yet the great escape happened.  Jesus, alive and free, met his disciples and passed on the great good news. The great escape from darkness, failure and death is now possible for you and me if we put our trust in Jesus Christ, the greatest escape artist ever.

    During the Easter period I warmly invite you to take time to wander around the “One Friday” exhibition that starts in church and consider your response to the Great Escape.

    God bless

    Mike Gilbert, Rector



    You are very welcome to join us at St Anne's Church.

    Please refer to the schedule of services or our Calendar for the most up to date information.

    Kitting out for Christ

    KoFC Meetings start at 6.30pm in the Church Rooms.

    Please refer to the Calendar for the date of the next KoFC Meeting.

    See our movie.


    Messy Church

    Messy Church is held at St Anne’s normally on the third Sunday of the month at 9.30am.  It is church for families and friends, involving food, friendship and fun.

    Please refer to the Calendar to see the next time you can come and join in.


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    Last year you will recall that we placed a number of graphic posters, depicting the Easter Story, around the village. There was a great deal of interest shown and as result we repeated this exercise this year.

    The posters were on display during Holy Week and will be there for the following week and you are invited to walk the story starting at the church. Please take a booklet from the back of the church and follow the route that is displayed on the map included within the booklet. The “One Friday” booklet has been produced in support of these posters and each image is supported by a bible reading.

    If you are able to help erecting these posters do please contact either Richard (01246 583375) or Sue (01246 582512).

    Richard Powell

    Thank you!

    Hungry Lunch for Christian Aid

    A big “Thank you” to all who supported or helped with the Hungry Lunch last month and to all who donated goods for the Bring and Buy Stall. “Thank you” also to Sue and Charles Fearn who generously donated the apples for the lunch.

    After expenses the total raised was £378 which included £101 from the Bring and Buy stall. Canon Peter Bird who ran the Traidcraft Stall took £141. The goods left from the Bring and Buy Stall were displayed and sold in church and this raised a further £60.40, giving a grand total of £438.40.

    June Powell


    Fellowship Group Lincoln Cathedral Visit by Coach!

    We are organising a visit to Lincoln Cathedral on Tuesday 13 June, leaving at 12 noon on a Hulley’s coach. There will be an organised tour of the Cathedral, followed by afternoon tea at the Deanery with Dean Christine and Alan Wilson. We will follow this by attending Evensong at the Cathedral at 5.30pm.

    The cost, which includes coach travel, Cathedral entry and afternoon tea, will be £20 for members and £25 for non-members. Last day for names is 31 May. Please let either June Powell or Mary Johnston know if you wish to join us. All are very welcome.

    June Powell 01246 583375


    Church Library

    New lending library for books and magazines in Baslow St Anne’s Church


    Before and after services, and through the week when the church is open. Library will be clearly marked on left as you walk in


    For a maximum of 4 weeks. Honesty book for the details of the book, your name and your contact info (in case someone else needs the book you have borrowed)


    Sue Campbell, Church Warden 0797 1713042

    Ann Mason 07791 562283


    St Anne's Church Choir Welcomes New Members

    We welcome new members who might like to join the church choir.  We rehearse once a week at Tuesday teatime from 6.00pm to 6.45pm, and sing for one choral communion each month, as well as the Palm Sunday, Harvest and Christmas Carol Services.  

    If you would like further details, please call our choir leader: Claire De la Haye on 07515 287222 or email: claire.delahaye@hotmail.co.


    Caption Competition (but no prizes)!

    Some members of the church choir taking a break from rehearsal. 

    Do you have an alternative caption for this photograph? If so, please send it to St Anne's Church


    (Actually, they're very good)


    Prayer Chain

    If you would like to join our Prayer Chain, praying for a variety of situations, please contact one of our Churchwardens for further information.


    As you will be aware one of the local charities that we support is the “Church on the Bus” project in Chesterfield and Matlock. The future of this project had been in doubt with the Church Army’s support of a full-time evangelist coming to an end but it was re-launched in January on a new, volunteer-led basis. The new team is now working with other Christian organisations in Chesterfield who already work with the homeless and needy to determine how the various projects can work together and how the “Church on the Bus” project can complement the work of these other groups.

    At the heart of these changes remains the wish to reach out to the homeless and needy in Chesterfield, Matlock and surrounding areas. It is recognised that change can be challenging for those directly affected but with the continued support of the dedicated volunteer force 2017 will be an exciting year.

    St. Anne’s will continue to give support to this project and coffee, tea warm clothes are constantly needed. Please remember those less fortunate than ourselves.

    If you wish to make a cash donation please contact Richard or June Powell (01246 583375)


    Hire the Church Rooms

    Are you looking for a venue for your group or meeting?

    Are you looking to host a function or arrange a children's party?

    If so, look no further!

    The St Anne's Church Rooms, situated within the church grounds, are available for hire at reasonable rates. 

    Church Flowers

    I would welcome hearing from anyone who would like to do a simple arrangement of flowers for the church at any time in the year.

    If you are interested please contact me on 01246 582257.

    Thank you

    Angela Swindells


    Patronage Scheme

    Please help support our church and the heritage of our village.

    St Anne's is an important landmark which has been and will continue to be there for you and your family.



    Church on the Bus

    A local charity which provides for the needy and homeless

    Prayer List

    Would you like us to include someone in our prayers at services on Sundays or in our regular prayer meetings at church?

    Fountain of Life

    A Christian charity based in Baslow working in India. Would you like to help?


    Peak Pilgrimage

    Rambling about Ramblings


    The Real Peak Practice

    The photos show a Bel Canto practice in the church coupled with the BBC filming for the Real Peak Practice television programme on the local GPs' activities in the area.