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We are a group of people living in Baslow and the surrounding villages and who have found a spiritual home at St Anne's. Together we are trying to build a community where we learn and grow together.


We believe that God is found in the whole of life, through joys and hardship. For most people this faith is not a constant, it ebbs and flows and there are times we drift away altogether. But God is constant and is always active, calling us home.  

We are a church for everyone in the village, no matter where you are on your journey of faith.

Worship Services

Our worship is fairly traditional, creating a space where we can discern the voice of God through the hubbub of the world.

Sundays at 9.45am
Holy Communion on 1st, 3rd and 5th of the month
Morning Prayer on 2nd and 4th 
Services last for about an hour, followed by tea and coffee

Wednesdays at 6.00pm
Evening Prayer, usually Book of Common Prayer
A simple, beautiful and traditional time of prayer and reflection. Lasts for 30 minutes

Service times

Some people

Rev'd Mike Gilbert, Rector

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Rev'd Graham Duncan
Associate Vicar

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Irene Roscoe
Church Warden

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Claire de la Haye
Music Director

Great people who actually do the work.
PCC, Verger, Organist, Flowers, Teas etc

Our door is always open

Well, almost always. Our church door is open during daylight hours for anyone to come to sit in the stillness and say a prayer.

Many people have been put off church, quite often for very good reasons. The church is a human institution and subject to all human weaknesses. People stop coming because they have felt judged, or noticed hypocrisy or just found the whole thing boring.

God, however, may still be calling you. Often we have an intuition of His presence and goodness, or we feel a need to pray, or we would like someone to say a prayer for us. 

If that is true for you then please contact one of the people above for a chat. Or just come along on a Sunday. 

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