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We've run 2 repair cafes which have beena great success. Our fantastic team of volunteer repairers received 59 items, repaired 34 on the spot and will repair 6 when the required parts arrived. All supported by fabulous cakes from our team of bakers. Pictures of the days below

Next Repair Cafe and Plant Swaps 10.00-1.00pm

Saturday 2 July 

Saturday 10 September

Saturday 5 November

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What it's all about

The way things work is that tons of perfectly good things get thrown out because we don't know how to fix them. No-one wins, (except people who sell new stuff) and the environment suffers


A team of local volunteers from Baslow, Bakewell and Eyam are offering their fixing skills to give things a new lease of life. Below you will find a list of the sorts of things we can fix, and those that we cannot.

Bring your broken stuff to St Anne's and have some tea, coffee and cake while you wait. We just ask for a generous donation to our Toilet Twinning project which you can find buy clicking here



How it works

Your broken item will be assessed to determine whether it is fixable. See below for items that we cannot attempt to repair. We can normally accept 1 item per person.

Part of the Repair Cafe experience is that you see how your item is repaired, and so you need to wait with it. 

Our repairers cannot stock every zip or switch that might be needed. So if you know what is needed please bring it along. 


For electrical items bring everything that is needed to make it work (eg the base of a kettle, the light bulb to fit a broken lamp)

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   We cannot repair

Electric blankets
High voltage appliances
Heaters (electric, gas or paraffin)
Gas appliances
Mobile phones
Some childrens' toys


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