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Book Swap
Saturday 9th November 10am-1pm

We've seen that people enjoy Repair Cafes: they are great fun and a good social time which people value. There is also quite a long time waiting while your repair gets done. So we thought about running a book swap to give more opportunity for mixing and something to do when your broken thing is getting fixed.

If you love books, you'll love Book Swap.


How it works

Pretty simple really. 

Bring some good books that you've enjoyed, put them on the table and browse what other people have brought. If you find something you like you can take it, read it and bring it back next time.

At the end of the morning you can either leave your books with us till next time, or take them back home. 

All we ask is that you bring books that you'd be happy to swap because they are good. Not just stuff you want to clear out!

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