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Plant swap

We started thinking about a plant swap when we ran our pop-up markets in 2020 and 2021. The plant stall created so much colour and enthusiasm and chat. There were people who knew very little about plants and those who were veritable experts. What connected them was that they found plants exciting and interesting and wanted to gain and share knowledge.


Plant swap builds on this. You can.... 

Connect with other plant lovers

Give your spare plants to a new home

Get some new plants

Learn about plants

Have some tea and cake!

                   PLANT SWAPS
                   Saturday 2 July
              Saturday 10 September 
                Saturday 5 November


How it works

          (It isn't a direct swap - more of a bring and swap)



some plants, or plant related items (seeds, compost, nice pots) that you have going spare. (If you don’t have anything to swap yet, don’t worry, come along and get started.)


Arrive at 10.00 where you can see the repair café in action. 

Put your plants on the table and make a donation to Toilet Twinning (suggested donation £3). The swap officially opens at 10.30

Browse the plants and choose what you would like to take home.


Have some tea/coffee and cake and make an extra donation because you’re so happy.


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plant stall 2.jpeg


No swapping before the start - we want it to be fair

If you know their names, please label your plants: it makes life so much easier. 

Bring your plants in individual pots (old yoghurt pots or bean cans are fine)

Be generous  - talk with others, share what you know and find out how to look after your plants.

Only take what you can look after!

Have a great time!!

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