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Holy Week and Easter

In Holy Week we accompany Jesus on his journey to the cross. As we take this journey we encounter Jesus displaying the full humble love of God as he allows himself to become the focus of all our inadequacy and sin. The journey of Holy Week is profound and it speaks to all the unanswered questions that we carry about God and the world.

All our services are listed below. I'd encourage you to come to at least one act of worship during the week because if we don't meet Jesus on his journey to the Cross then we don't quite sense the wonder of Easter.

Evening Prayer on Wednesday @ 6.00pm. 

Through Lent we are reflecting on art which tells the story of our sin and redemption. This week we considered Peter as he comes face to face with his own failure and inadequacy: his courage evaporates and he denies Jesus. This is a moment of change for Peter: when he faces the truth about himself and his illusions fall apart. Then Jesus makes him the person he is called to be - the Rock.

This picture by Karl Dujardin captures the moment when the serving woman calls him out as a liar. There is no threat, only surprise.


Maundy Thursday.

The last supper Jesus had with his friends. So much happens here. A time of humble love, as his washes his disciples feet. A time of deep and anguished prayer in Gethsemane when his friends could not stay awake. The moment of a betraying kiss and the descent into the chaos of Good Friday.

A short and simple service of communion @ 7.00pm followed by the stripping of the altar.

                Good Friday
We actually cannot comprehend Good Friday. We don't have the words or the thoughts

Somehow on that day Jesus confronts all the pain, sin, meaninglessness, violence separation, abandonment and death of the whole of time. He accepts it on himself as a willing sacrifice. He dies. It is finished. His disciples go home.

Worship on Good Friday is Come and Sing "O Love" by Elaine Hagenberg. We sing from 2.00pm-4.00pm followed by Evensong at 5.00pm. Please join us for one or both. 


Dawn Communion Service, Easter Sunday @ 5.30am

This is a special service. We join the disciples, bleary eyed and with that slightly confused early morning feeling as they make their way to the tomb to find the astonishing miracle that they cannot comprehend. 

The birds will sing, the sun will rise, we have a fire, hear the story and sing the ancient "Resurrexit". Set your alarm clocks (imagine you're going to the airport), bring a bell to ring. Joy.

Easter Choral Communion @ 9.45
Alleluia, Christ is Risen!

Join us to celebrate the most amazing event of all time. Jesus defeats death, darkness and chaos to bring new life, new hope, new joy for the world.

We will rejoice in God's amazing work together: the choirs will sing 'The Easter Hymn' from Cavelleria Rusticana and "Arise my soul arise".  It's going to be amazing. Don't miss it!

There will be chocolate 

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